Families Learning Together for Parents

Imagine the difference you could make to your child’s progress in maths if you knew how to help them!
But how can you if you don’t know the methods they use in school?

Families Learning Together will provide you with everything you need.

It will give you the confidence to help your child with maths.

Each video demonstration explains the maths skill and how to do it.

All activities are provided including extension activities for children who need additional challenge. Better still you can work at a pace that suits your child.

The guidance in each unit will ensure that you can confidently talk about the maths your child is learning.

Try our free units now and see what Families Learning Together offers for you and your child.

We know that how you support your child is a key factor in their success at school, so why not let us support you?

Our users think we are great. One Essex parent commented ‘This has so much more impact than private tuition!’

Free units

You can try Families Learning Together out by accessing these free units
Download full list of all units (PDF)

How to join?

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To find out more

Visit our FAQ pages for parents, schools and general information.
If you’ve got any further questions, you can email us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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