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+ How will this help my child’s progress at school?

Families Learning Together helps your child secure core number skills and builds confidence in using them. At primary school children often find it difficult to see where and how to use their number skills in problem solving, or when questions are presented in unexpected ways. The activities and discussions in Families Learning Together will strengthen your child’s skills, the understanding behind those skills, and the ability to use them flexibly. This is at the heart of all maths at school and throughout life.

+ Do I have to be good at maths?

No! Families Learning Together will show you all the skills that your child needs and explains them in everyday language. . It uses the same methods as your child’s teacher does in class.

+ I remember how I was taught maths and can show my child. Why would I need this?

Although we can do maths as adults it’s difficult to remember how we were taught. Many adults were taught maths in a slightly different way to children today. To help your children most they need to experience the same methods and language at school and at home.

+ I’m not a teacher – can I make a difference?

As the adult who knows your child best, and who can talk with them regularly on an individual basis, you can make a huge difference! The varied video and concise reference material enables you to help your child in building specific skills.

+ How is this different from other online resources? Can my child do this on his/her own?

Families Learning Together supports you in helping your child explore maths through games and activities. As well as explanations and demonstrations on video, there are key questions to discuss. This enables your child to extend his/her understanding of number and build confidence in explaining their own learning. The real benefit comes from the discussions between your child and you, so it’s not another piece of ‘homework’ to give your child on his/her own.

+ How will I know where to start?

All of the units in Families Learning Together cover the number skills set out in the National Curriculum for each age group. If your child finds these difficult, or easy, then you can access Units from different age groups to support or extend them. You can track themes, like subtraction, across all the age groups, to see how your child is achieving.

+ How much time will it take?

The activities in each unit are designed to be explored over a one to two week period and can be repeated to secure skills. They are often best completed in regular short sessions of 10-15 minutes, perhaps two or three times a week. Once you get used to the activities, you’ll find you get faster.

+ What happens if my child gets ‘stuck’?

When we don’t know how to do something in maths it’s not a great feeling! However, Families Learning Together overcomes this by creating conversations about maths that strengthen your child’s understanding. The videos enable you to look at explanations and demonstrations with your child as many times as you wish. In each Unit the common misunderstandings are identified and a way of tackling it is offered.

+ Why are fractions not covered?

With the changes to expectations in the National Curriculum we decided that asking parents to support children who may be experiencing difficulties in understanding fractions, might be more problematic than helpful.

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