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+ How is this different from other online resources?

Most online resources provide worksheets for children to practise skills that they often already have. Families Learning Together supports parents in helping their children explore maths through joint games and activities. As well as explanations and demonstrations on video for parents and children, there are key questions to discuss. This enables children to extend their understanding of number and build confidence in explaining their learning.

+ Is this just more maths homework to mark?

Families Learning Together does not require any marking by teachers. It is built on practical activities and games for use at home. Where answers are helpful they are provided for parents so that they form part of the discussion with the child. As an online resource there is no printing or material for the school to provide. Just point parents towards the relevant Unit for one to two weeks activity!

+ How do we encourage parents to engage with this?

  • Classes of children can be pointed towards specific Units at particular times.
  • If parents are available they might be invited to join their children for a short ‘end of the day’ class activity to launch each Unit.
  • Once they have registered, parents can access the resource through a link on the school website.
  • You can reassure parents that they are supporting current class work
  • Provide feedback to parents about progress made (e.g. parents meeting, school newsletters, website).

There are further detailed strategies on the website for schools to use in engaging parents successfully

+ What about parents who are unsure of their maths skills?

Because Families Learning Together explains and demonstrates each number skill on video it helps adult and well as child numeracy. The materials really deliver what they say – ‘Families Learning Together!’

+ How can we stop parents using old-school methods which might only confuse children?

The strength of Families Learning Together is the way it demonstrates the same methods you are using in your teaching. Parents will therefore be supporting your class teaching rather than using their own methods or acquired habits.

+ Are there other ways of using the resource in school?

The resource can be used in homework clubs or in intervention groups. It provides demonstrations of structured activities and promotes targeted exploration and discussion of number skills. It is therefore ideal for supporting small groups in specific need, or extending pupils’ understanding by getting them to articulate their learning. It builds pupils’ confidence in using and applying maths.

+ How do we know if it’s having an impact?

If the unit in use at home is linked to short plenary opportunities in class you will see and hear the impact on your pupils’ learning. They will be more able to explain their reasoning and the number strategies they are using. They will be more confident in applying these skills. After all, they are benefiting from highly focused 1:1 support at home!

+ How can Families Learning Together help us in our Ofsted inspection?

Families Learning Together can make a meaningful contribution to your community. It genuinely engages parents in supporting their children’s learning. It enables parents to understand what their children are learning, how they are learning and how well they are achieving. It can also help develop adult numeracy where this is a community need.

+ Why are fractions not covered?

With the changes to expectations in the National Curriculum we decided that asking parents to support children who may be experiencing difficulties in understanding fractions, might be more problematic than helpful.

+ Why have you included units on using calculators despite the changes in the curriculum?

We like to give schools choice. Not all schools are limited by the National Curriculum. Some will continue to teach the accurate use of calculators as an important life skill.

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