Frequently Asked Questions


+ What is Families Learning Together all about?

Families Learning Together helps children secure their understanding and skills in maths. It focuses on building and extending number skills from Year 1 to Year 6. Because it’s based on exploring maths and talking about it together, it deepens children’s understanding and strengthens the application of number skills.

+ Who can use Families Learning Together?

The resource is designed to be used by parents with their children at home. It can also be used by brothers and sisters together at home and by homework clubs in schools.

+ How will it help children improve their maths?

Families Learning Together gives children time to explore the subject with an adult through practical activities, to explain their thinking and to talk about what they are learning. This deepens the child’s understanding, and builds confidence and flexibility in their application of number skills.

+ How much time does it take?

The activities in each Unit are designed to be explored over a one to two week period and can be repeated to secure skills. They are often best completed in regular short sessions of 10-15 minutes, perhaps two or three times as week. Once you get used to the activities, you’ll find you get faster.

+ What is different between Families Learning Together and other online resources?

Research has shown that parents' involvement in their children's education is a crucial force in children's development and future success.

Families Learning Together supports parents in helping their children explore maths through games and activities. It is not about practising maths through right and wrong answers, but about understanding it. The explanations and video demonstrations give clear guidance on how a parent should approach an activity, and make it a positive experience. The real benefit comes from the discussions between children and parents, so it’s not another piece of ‘homework’ to give children to do on their own.

Families Learning Together is about real life maths - the skills of writing, reading and using numbers, not multiple choice answers on the screen.

+ Why are fractions not covered?

With the changes to expectations in the National Curriculum we decided that asking parents to support children who may be experiencing difficulties in understanding fractions, might be more problematic than helpful.

+ Why have you included units on using calculators despite the changes in the curriculum?

We like to give schools choice. Not all schools are limited by the National Curriculum.  Some will continue to teach the accurate use of calculators as an important life skill.

+ Who developed Families Learning Together?

Families Learning Together was developed by a maths adviser and two primary headteachers, one of whom has also been an Ofsted inspector. Together they have a passion for children to succeed in maths through understanding their own learning and having great number skills!


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